Honeycomb Ceramic Filters

Honeycomb Ceramic Filters

1. Extruded Ceramic Filters :

honeycomb_ceramic_heat_accumulation_substrateAt melting metal liquid at ceramic hole eyes, in order to removing metal the refractory piece, alloy and melt the inclusion, such as dreg, etc.

That melts of solution. The ceramic filter of honeycomb still plays a peculiar rectification role, can get steady and fast solution laminar flow, can prevent bubbles from entering, avoid the harmful effects that cause by the turbulence makes the metal oxidize and splash by the solution.




2. Heat Accumulation Substrate :

honeycomb_ceramic_extrudedHoneycomb ceramic heat accumulation substrate has low heat expansion coefficient, large surface area, good heat stability and anti-corrosion. As the media of heat storage and heat exchange,

It has got a wide application in many industrial productions. widely applies in the industrial production and typically applies in the removing NOX   purification system of metallurgy steel-smelting furnace, energy conservation in the steel rolling stove , the   thermal   power plant, waste   gas purification system of incinerator, chemical industry and virulent gas purification system of mining industry, padding in chemical industry tower, and applies in the heat exchanger of contact burning, etc.

3. Baffle Brick :

honeycomb_ceramic_baffle_brickBaffle brick, together with honeycomb ceramic heat exchanger, has been widely applied in industrial furnaces with regenerative combustion technology. Baffle bricks are installed in front of honeycomb ceramics to protect honeycomb ceramics and prolong the running time of honeycomb ceramics.

There are different materials for baffle brick, including corundum-mullite, zirconia-mullite, carborundum and so on. And we can offer special products according to customers requirements with fine high temperature stability, high refractoriness, small coefficient of thermal expansion, strong chemical corroding resistance and extance.

4. Honeycomb Ceramic Catalyst Supports : 

honeycomb_ceramic_catalyst_supportsCeramic honeycomb materials are typically used as the catalyst carrier for purifying automotive/ vehicle emission( exhaust catalytic converter), removing bad smell ( for instance, air-fresher machine for hotel, restaurant, toilet and so on), Industry's organic waste gas purification.

Abatement of Volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, organic particulate matter , HC nytron, SO2, odors, and other air toxics in oil and chemical industry, dust burning stove/ incinerator, power plant and so on.

Also widely used in the application of Vehicle Catalytic oxidizers, Regenerative catalytic oxidizers, ReNOx processes, Fixed bed adsorbers, Bio-systems.

Catalytic converter catalyst supports, its operation needs the coating of the catalyst, working as the substrate/support of catalyst.