Formed Coke








85% Min

0.6% Max

8% Max

2.5% Max

12.5% Max


Packing: As Customer Request.




Process for producing formed coke for metallurgical use from coal powder by continuously heating with a high temperature gas as heating medium for carbonizing agglomerated coal which are made of coal powder and a binder such as coal tar, pitch and petroleum asphalt, comprising providing tuyeres for introducing gas at the middle and the lower parts of an upright type carbonization oven, adjusting temperature of the gas to be supplied to the tuyere at the middle part at 600 adjusting the supply rate of the gas so as to maintain the temperature of the gas on the agglomerated coal at 300 further adjusting the supplied heat to the lower part of the carbonization oven including the lower tuyere to amount less than 50% of the total supplied heat.